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Dealing With a Bad Boss

Failure to communicate is the biggest issue when working for a “bad boss”.   Generally. their expectations, timelines or goals are not clear.  Bad bosses also change their minds frequently leaving employees off-balance.

No matter the character of your bad boss, try to understand that your boss may not know that he/she is a bad boss.  And my have some challenges things going on in the background.  Do your best to always be polite, clear, honest and direct with him, or her.   In the end, it does make a difference!

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The Company’s Holiday Party: Not Your Friend’s Cocktail Party

Your company goes out of its way to plan and pay for a great holiday party. It’s also an opportunity to get to know your colleagues better and show the less serious side of your personality. So relax, enjoy, and have fun.

Remember, it’s not your best friend’s holiday cocktail party, so keep your guard up and don’t overdo it!