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Agents As Decision-Makers

By letting your agents take on the role of decision-makers, you can foster a sense of ownership in the group and they will feel empowered.

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All Customers are not Created Equal

Differentiating your service by customer type and value is important to maintaining a competitive edge and long-term success. It’s good for your customers and good for your future growth.

Customers expect your company to understand their individual preferences and history.

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When a Customer Doesn’t See The Value of Your Upgrade

Upgrading makes sense for your business, and customers.  If a customer doesn’t see the value in upgrading, unfortunately your business probably hasn’t done a good job of demonstrating that value to them.

Make your customers aware of upgraded products and features that will provide them with value.

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Customer Loyalty Achieved

Customer loyalty is achieved when the customer’s concerns are consistently resolved in a way that exceeds their expectations. At The Harris Group “THG,”  we call this “Doing Good Business”.   Doing good business is defined as treating every customer in such a memorable way that when the transaction is complete, the customer tells someone else how great the experience was.