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Going Beyond The Basics: Returning Customers

A person who buys from you once is a customer. When this customer comes back and makes a purchase from you a second time, he/she is a returning customer.

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When a Customer Doesn’t See The Value of Your Upgrade

Upgrading makes sense for your business, and customers.  If a customer doesn’t see the value in upgrading, unfortunately your business probably hasn’t done a good job of demonstrating that value to them.

Make your customers aware of upgraded products and features that will provide them with value.

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Quick But Not Rushed Customer Service

Even though customers are keen on keeping their calls to customer support as short as they possibly can, they also still want to feel that the agent has taken the time to help them rather than rushed through the conversation. Fast doesn’t mean it is good when it ignores customers’ perception of how well they were cared for.

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Effectively Communicate with Agents

In addition to call monitoring and scoring, supervisors should also make habit to schedule in time for targeted coaching sessions with agents. The advantages are two-fold: Managers get to share ideas for agent performance improvements and agents get to communicate their thoughts and impressions of their performance.

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Leverage Call Monitoring & Scoring

Following the agent interview and selection process, key management should be locked into how best to facilitate ongoing agent support, growth, and training. Quality monitoring solutions such as speech analytics which helps managers deliver objective feedback and improve agent performance. Call scoring evaluation forms can also be helpful for enhancing quality assurance within the customer call center.