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Negative Language: A No, No from Call Center Agents

Call center best practices include the creation of a script which recommends professional language and key phrases.  However, it is a good idea to train agents to avoid certain phrases and types of language to avoid negative interactions. For example, instead of telling a caller “I’m going to put you on hold”, encourage agents to use phrases like “I’m sorry, I’m not the best person to answer your question, but I will be happy to transfer you to our resident expert who will be with you in two minutes. Thanks for your patience.”

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Operator Error Can Equal Bad Customer Service

One of the biggest challenges with almost any technological system is Operator Error.   If you are a business owner, or in management, you’ve heard complaints about the computer system.  Only to discover that the person complaining was barely knowledge about it.  Make sure your staff is well-trained on your systems, including basic troubleshooting and useful shortcuts.

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Customers Want “Top-Notch” Service

Despite the highly evolved customer, it’s still all about good, old-fashioned, personal service. In the world of customer contact center services, few things can beat the warm, fuzzy feeling that the customer takes away with her after speaking with an agent who made her feel like she was the organization’s most important customer.  It’s about the simple gesture of treating the customer like a good friend and that you got their back on the matter, in regardless to how complex or simple the issue is.

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Customer Contact Center Service Solutions Partner

When you outsource your customer contact center to The Harris Group you gain:

  • Peace of Mind
  • An exceptional customer service partner!
  • Well trained and seasoned culturally linguistically diverse customer contact center agents!
  • A team that respects your brand and your customer base!
  • A partner committed to assisting you with reaching your customer contact customer service goals!
  • A team that is flexible in its service delivery
  • A seamless customer interaction experience that respects your brand and your company values!
  • State of the art customer contact center software – designed to provide an accurate snap shot of each customer interaction.
  • A solution oriented and goal driven partner!
  • A customer base who consistently obtains quality service that generated repeat business and increased revenues.