Negative Language: A No, No from Call Center Agents

Call center best practices include the creation of a script which recommends professional language and key phrases.  However, it is a good idea to train agents to avoid certain phrases and types of language to avoid negative interactions. For example, instead of telling a caller “I’m going to put you on hold”, encourage agents to use phrases like “I’m sorry, I’m not the best person to answer your question, but I will be happy to transfer you to our resident expert who will be with you in two minutes. Thanks for your patience.”

Dealing With a Bad Boss

Failure to communicate is the biggest issue when working for a “bad boss”.   Generally. their expectations, timelines or goals are not clear.  Bad bosses also change their minds frequently leaving employees off-balance.

No matter the character of your bad boss, try to understand that your boss may not know that he/she is a bad boss.  And my have some challenges things going on in the background.  Do your best to always be polite, clear, honest and direct with him, or her.   In the end, it does make a difference!