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Well Trained and Well Mannered Agents Make All the Difference

Etiquette in customer contact can add exceptional value to your company’s image and a lack of it can strip your company’s reputation almost immediately.

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Customer Loyalty Achieved

Customer loyalty is achieved when the customer’s concerns are consistently resolved in a way that exceeds their expectations. At The Harris Group “THG,”  we call this “Doing Good Business”.   Doing good business is defined as treating every customer in such a memorable way that when the transaction is complete, the customer tells someone else how great the experience was.

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Interaction with Customers on Social Media Enhances Your Knowledge

With THG’s ability to live-monitor social media channels on your behalf,  are customer contact center agents have the able to see what your customers are saying about your products, services, and customer service as they occur. This unique view into your customer’s world gives your company the ability to make meaningful changes and interact in ways never before done.