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All Businesses Should Be On LinkedIn

You’ve probably heard this many times before, but the pressure needs to be applied when it comes to a business knowing how important it is to be on LinkedIn.  It is no longer an option, but has become a necessary necessity.  The LinkedIn social network provides a company with situated credibility, a large network of professionals, sales opportunities, and a marketing platform for your business.

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When to Outsource Your Social Media Management

A major decision that businesses, big or small will have to make at some point is whether or not to outsource their social media management tasks.  It takes a lot to give up passwords and control to your social media accounts.  After all, these platforms are important elements of your brand.  Almost like taking your children to a daycare. You want to make sure that whomever the company is that you turn your social media tasks over too, they understand your brand and the culture of your company.

You know its time to outsource your Social Media Management tasks when you are down to your intern having control over your social media platforms.  Or you just don’t have the man power to invest the time that your social brand needs, and deserves.